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“n&k architects” take action in design and construction of:


•  Private Houses (urban – rural) 
•  Complexes of Houses 
•  Touristic Houses & Villas 
•  Office and store buildings 
•  Restoration of protected buildings 
•  Hotels

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eco-friendly design

Every new approach is based on the principles of bioclimatic design, so all the projects are fully aligned to the modern energy requirements (EU & Greek Regulations), by using renewable sources of energy which minimizes operating costs.

photorealistic, 3D & virtual representation

The photorealistic (3D & virtual) representation of our projects, using the most modern design software, provides unlimited opportunities, both in composition and in construction of the projects.

The resulting implementation study, allows maximum precision for the construction purposes, with the accurate estimate of the budget, thus reducing dramatically the cost of the project.


construction experience

We are specialized in building construction of higher demands, focusing on constructional and decorative details and the unique characteristics of each project. The use of the above methods in conjunction with many years of experience, guarantees both quality and total compliance of the project timetables.

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